Monday, 5 November 2007

Male perfume, tips for conquest

Men usually prefer woody or spicy or “grassy” accords, while flowery ones are considered to be feminine scents.
My experience with perfume customers has shown me that there is a clear division between men and women scents, but many women prefer men’s perfumes while only a minority of men prefer flowery soft and romantic scents to wear. Continue....


JohnO said...

Where do the animal, pheromonal scents fall in this analysis? Macho man, flowery man, in between? A whiff of muskdeer or civet evokes neither flower nor stone.

AbdesSalaam Attar said...

woods and flowers are about psychology of smell.
Feromones are rather about biology of smell, they can go both with woody or flowery smells to which they bring a charge of sensuality, not to say od sexuality.

Rashunda said...

Hello there,

What about citrus scents? Where do they fall?


AbdesSalaam Attar said...

They are the scents of the inner child.
They are not serious at all and for this reason they can make a woman smile.
And when you have mede her smile....
How is your perfume making going on?

Rashunda said...

Hello again,

Thanks for the explanation. I'm getting back into perfume making...slowly.:-)

Take care,
Rashunda said...

Is there any kind of test that could be taken by men to see what perfumes are best for their personalities and skin and taste?

AbdesSalaam Attar said...

In perfumery where you are looking for a psychological effect either on yourself or on others, the same rule of Aromatherapy is valid, although in aromatherapy you are looking for a physical effect.
The rule is, "never use an essence whose smell is repulsive to you".
This is simply because the psychological effect of smells is unavoidable as long as you have a functioning nose.
If you use a perfume that you do not like, you will feel akward in yourself and towards others.
If you use an essence that is repulsive to you, it means that your nose is activating your endocrine system to produce neurochemicals that are unfavourable to your healing.
In perfumery (natural perfumery of course) as in aromatherapy, your nose is your expert and your doctor,just listen to it.
Abdessalaam Attar